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Perfect Family Dog!

We have had our miniature orange golden doodle, Ruby, since we brought her home at 8 weeks. She is now 4 months old. She has been the perfect addition and fit for our family. Picking up Ruby was a life changing moment for us. We took all day to drive up to Timshell Farms to pick out our puppy. When we arrived, we were greeted by Steve and Linda and got to meet the two females. The kennel was clean and orderly, and the dogs were clearly loved and taken care of. They were both so adorable and sweet, but we knew which one was Ruby when she came over, laid down and went belly-up for some rubs.

We have two young girls (ages 3 and 2), both of which have a rare medical condition resulting in dangerously low blood sugar. We came upon Timshell Farms when pursuing the idea of a glucose-sniffing service dog. Timshell came highly recommended in the service dog realm and is known for the trainability and health of their dogs.

Ruby has been truly wonderful. She came to us with no medical issues and the vet said she was in extremely good health. She has slept through the night quietly in her crate from night one. She is smart and very easy to train. She was completely housebroken in a month with minimal effort. She is so sweet and playful with the girls. She has a spunky little personality that makes everyone just laugh. She has been the "easiest" puppy we have ever owned, which is a blessing with two medically-complex toddlers to chase around!

Most amazing breeder

We got our cavapoochon from Timshell over a year and a half ago and couldn't have had a better experience. Our dog is sweeter and more loving than we could have ever hoped, and has been 100% healthy ever since we got him. What's more, Linda and Steve clearly love every one of their puppies. They were so incredibly kind when we picked up out little guy, and frequently check in for updates and pictures. We couldn't recommend Timshell more --- in fact, we have to multiple people, who have gotten Cavapoochons of their own, all with the same phenomenal experience!

One is Great and Two are Even Better!

We first saw a Cavapoochon several years ago and held her when she was about 9 weeks old. We fell in love. Fast forward several years and we were ready for a pet. We contacted the friends and got the name of the breeder they bought their little puppy from. That is how we found Linda and Steve Rogers at Timsehll Farm. 
We talked with them many times in the fall of 2016 and in February of 2017 our little Cavapoochon was born. We picked her up at the end of March, 2017 in Arizona and flew her home with us. She is the best little traveler. Always has been which is great because we are on the go a lot and she fits right in. Our vet loved her too - truly, everyone does. My parents have never allowed a dog inside their home. I have had many wonderful dogs over the years but Dixie is the only dog they've ever welcomed into their home. She's sweet and very well-behaved. She's a resilient little thing too as she's very rambunctious and has sustained the craziest bumps and bruises, recovering with no ill effects.  We had a trainer work with Dixie and with us. The trainer does not board animals. However, after working with Dixie for a while, she welcomed Dixie into her home for a 10 day visit while we were out of the country. The trainer thinks that she and her family will get "a Dixie" when they add to their animal family.  Long, long story, we enjoy Dixie so much that we wanted to get another Cavapoochon for her to play with. So, back to Linda and Steve! We wrote to them and told them that we wanted a playmate for Dixie. After several emals and lots of photos, we were able to get a new little puppy. He is Dixie's half-brother - they have different moms but the same dad.  He is a joy too. We had Lnda and Steve send him to us via their courier (really nice guy). We took him to the vet we use now and he gave him a clean bill of health. Both vets (Dixie's and Dude's) commented on the high quality of the breeder based on their physical examinations and the health checks of the puppies.  We've had him about a month and can't imagine life without him. Linda described his personality as putting the "fizz in the punch". I wasn't quite sure what that meant until we got him. He IS the life of the party and we probably shoud've named him FOMO! He absolutely never wants to be left out of anything. 
Every where we have taken Dixie and now Lil Dude too, people love them and the puppies love everyone of all ages and dogs of all sizes.  We are so happy we got to hold our friend's Cavapoochon all those years ago. Wouldn't trade our two for anything!
Thank you Roger's family!!!

best dog ever

Last July I brought my little Zoe home. I was given all her paperwork with vet information at that time. Since I was given a pet warranty, I took her to meet my vet. He checked her out thoroughly and said she passed all his health tests. He said I had a winner-social, friendly and so very cute. She just turned 9 months and I have had no problems with her, aside from never wanting to leave her as she is so special. I have been in communication with Linda quite often about this wonderful little girl. She explained before I even got Zoe, the process they take to breed responsibly and do all health checks on their dogs to assure healthy puppies. They are bred for their health and great dispositions. They are responsible breeders and I would not hesitate to recommend Timshell Farms for anyone interested in getting the perfect dog. Everyone I meet while out with Zoe loves her and she seems to love everyone.

Can’t imagine a better breeder!

We have a 1 year old Cava poo chon. I could go on forever with this review. But I will keep it short! They are simply the best out there. Fantastic communication! Linda and Steve at Timshell Farm are experts at what they do. I have had many dogs from various breeders and have never had one care so much. I can’t imagine someone saying anything else. I feel blessed to have found Timshell Farm! Our Lilly is such a bright spot in our lives and to all that meet her.

So great we are getting another!

We got our sweet Poppleton from Linda and Steve at Timshell Farms back in 2012. He is THE BEST dog. He is sweet, attentive, super smart and so fluffy! We could not ask for a better dog (or imagine one!). In fact, he’s so fabulous that we decided to bring another one home - his half sister! She will arrive later this month and we have no doubt she will be every bit as wonderful as Poppleton.

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