Petite Goldendoodles (or Golden Cava-Doodles) -- ala Timshell!

Unique Petite Goldendoodles - A Specialty Triple-Cross

Timshell originated this specialty triple-cross breeding - a Master Mix of Golden Retriever, Poodle and Cavalier that brings the special traits of each purebred into play.  Puppies are downsized Goldendoodles with low to no-shedding coats, Teddy-Bear faces and a gentler energy/activity level.  Lots of fun and full of play but never hyper or yappy.  Beautiful, wide faces with round, blocky heads.  Wide-spaced eyes that are large and round.  Shorter noses that are square-shaped, never long or pointy.  Happy, confident puppies that are eager to please and are very loving companions. 

Below are photos of our puppies from previous litters.  See the 2019 Calendar of Litters to find a waitlist and reserve your puppy today!

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